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Name's Mercedes. I'm 21 and I live in the Sunshine State even though my heart lives in the Bay State and to a kid I'm so deeply in love with from the Empire State. <3 I enjoy Harry Potter, Star Wars, Marvel, Alcohol, Food, Sour Patch Kids: Watermelons, etc etc. Whenever I'm not working on saving the planet, I'm playing on Xbox: Jewterusss is my GT. If you want to know anything, ask me. I like making new friends. :)
daddydarthvader: Why does a beautiful girl like you have to have my new tumblr url

Hahaha ive had this name for years!

xoxo - m

Bwahahaha, while youre too busy loving my ex… I’m busy loving my current bf as he treats me as a Queen and not fat lard on the side of the road.